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Trekking to tell the world ” How Beautiful is Pakistan

Two passionate trekkers Muhammad Khalil Dar and Brig Sikander Javed (r) Trekked from Hushe (9300 feet) to Khuspang, (14800 feet) to fulfil their adventurous desire and tell the world how beautiful is Pakistan. And to demonstrate that age does not hold back. It took them 3 days from Hushe to Khuspang which is 30 Kms (5 kms on glacier).
Khushpang is most beautiful place which gives one magnificent view of famous Laila Peak, 6000 meters, having a unique conical shape.
It is 6 days trekking from Hushe to Khuspang and back to Hushe, a village 40 Kms from Khaplu.
Pakistan’s most internationally famous trek of Gondogoro La also connects with this as Khuspang is located at the base of Gondogoro La. It connects Hushe valley with Baltoro Valley a trek of 15 days.
While trekking they made two nights stay , respectively at Saicho 10,000 feet, and Dalsangpa 12400 feet.
Long live Pakistan and people of GB whose physical strength makes such treks to happen.