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Trolls are called out by Harbhajan Singh for criticising Arshdeep’s catch drop.

After Arshdeep Singh fumbled Asif Ali’s catch during Pakistan’s pivotal victory over India in the Asia Cup 2022 group stage match, former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh publically called out those making fun of the young pacer.

On Sunday, Pakistan defeated India by five wickets to tie the game against the Rohit Sharma-led team.Rizwan and Nawaz’s 73-run partnership helped pave the way for Asif Ali and Khushdil Shah to seal the victory for Pakistan.

Arshdeep Singh, an Indian pacer, fumbled Asif Ali’s catch, shocking Indian cricket fans who fiercely criticised him, at a key point in the game.

Indians harassed Arshdeep and made hateful, discriminating comments about the bowler, but former cricketer Harbhajan Singh stood up for the bowler and told the hateful people to stop.

Harbhajan advised people not to criticise the bowler on Twitter and asserted that no one purposely drops a catch.

“Our lads make us proud. Playing better was Pakistan. Shame on those individuals who disparage our soldiers by using this forum to speak derogatory things about Arsh and the squad. “Arsh is GOLD,” tweeted Harbhajan.Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh took out Asif Ali after giving up 27 runs and only one wicket in 3.5 overs.