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Twitter bothers Shoaib Malik about Sania Mirza’s absence.

Pakistani bowler Shoaib Malik can’t get away from questions about his wife Sania Mirza. After he posted a video with their son Izhaan Mirza-Malik, fans asked him again and again where his wife was.

In the cute video, Malik can be seen sitting on the back of a small car that his son is driving.

The cute pre-schooler drives his little car slowly and carefully around what looks like a play area for kids, while his father sits behind him and helps him through the twists and turns that look like a maze.

Malik wrote in the post’s description, “Moving fast doesn’t matter as much as moving together. Loving this pace with my son Izhaan.”

Fans of the cricket star and his cute son can’t get enough of the cute pair, but many others have brought up a question that has been bothering many for a long time: where is Sania Mirza?

Fans have always liked the Mirza-Malik couple, and the whole country came together to welcome the former tennis star as one of their own. They celebrated her success and shared in her happiness with all their might.

But when fans noticed that they were no longer sharing pictures together or going to the same events, they had a lot of questions and worries.

Once it was clear that they were no longer together, rumors of their split started to spread, which shocked a lot of people.

Neither of the stars has either confirmed or refuted the rumors, which is an interesting fact. But the two still don’t seem to be together.

Malik just shared another cute picture of him and Izhaan playing badminton.

He wrote “Cricket + Tennis = Badminton” with a winky-eyed emoji as the title of the video.

As soon as the video was posted, people on social media wondered where tennis star Sania Mirza was and asked, “Where is Sania Mirza?”

The question stays unanswered.