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Urwa Hocane claims that director Nadeem Baig’misrepresented her publicly.’

Recently, Fahad Mustafa, the host of a local game show, asked director Nadeem Baig about who has the most meltdowns on the set. He was given the option to select among Urwa Hocane, Ayeza Khan, or Mehwish Hayat in a rapid fire round; all three performers were women. The director decided to go with Urwa Hocane.

On Friday, Hocane posted a post on Instagram criticizing the show for promoting “formats” that cause a negative reaction “for the sake of ratings in the garb of fun” in response to Baig’s remark. She claims that she is “speaking from the heart” and Hocane stated, “It is really bad that each member of the industry needs to disparage the other for the sake of ratings while dressing it up as fun.