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What are Bilawal’s plans for marriage?

Being single at the age of 33, Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari piques the interest of many Pakistanis regarding his plans to marry.

On the fringes of the United Nations General Assembly’s 77th session, Bilawal was asked the same issue. A journalist was heard asking the FM in a video released on Twitter by Arab News, “There are my Pakistani friends asking if you have any intentions to marry.”

“Of course, I have plans to marry,” the foreign minister smiled. He did not, however, reveal anything about the matter.”When?” inquired the journalist once more. But the young minister did not have time to respond and left with the Pakistani delegation.

So far, the million-dollar question about his marriage has gone unanswered. A PPP leader known for making political predictions, on the other hand, had the answer to the million-dollar question.Manzoor Wassain stated in December 2019 that Bilawal will marry in 2023 after becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In response to a question about his prospective wedding, Bilawal stated in 2016 “The perfect candidate must first win the hearts of my sisters. I need to have faith in them. And winning over my sisters’ affections is a challenging endeavour for any girl.”Earlier, in an interview with Arab News, Bilawal urged the Muslim world to address the problem of women’s misery in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

According to Bilawal, it remains to be seen whether “the interim Afghan authority” will maintain its initial promise of allowing girls to attend schools and obtain a secondary education. He stated that Pakistan, like the rest of the world, is waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

“Because Islam was the first to grant women’s rights,” he explained. “Islam is what ensures women’s rights to participate in society and to education.””As a result, we anticipate women not only to be guaranteed these rights in Afghanistan, but also around the world.”