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WhatsApp has announced new privacy and safety tools.

Meta owns WhatsApp, which makes sure that its users’ privacy is always protected. WaBetaInfo reported that Meta has also released new security features that will add another layer of privacy.

According to a website that tracks apps, the new features include Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes. These features would let users protect their accounts from being hacked and stop malware from getting on their mobile devices.

The app will get the features, which are called “account security features,” in the coming months. In the future, they will be given to everyone.

WhatsApp revealed these new features and stressed how important it is to use two-step verification and encrypted backups from end to end. Users can turn these on or off themselves.

Account Protect is a new feature that is very important because it would stop people from moving their WhatsApp accounts to another device without their permission. This would make it harder for hackers to get into the accounts.

With this function, users will have to verify their account on their old device before they can move it to a new one.

The second feature is called “Device Verification.” This would stop malicious software from using someone’s WhatsApp account to send unwanted texts from their phone.

The app tracker said, “WhatsApp has added authentication checks to user accounts to protect them if their device is hacked.”

The third feature is called “Security Codes,” and it will make the whole process of user verification easier and more approachable. The process would have a Key Transparency “that lets users automatically check their secure connection when they click on the encryption tab.”

Both Android and iOS will get these new tools. Some beta users might be able to use them soon.