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Why DHA Gujranwala?

Dr Huma Tariq
Rapid urbanization due to population and industrial growth has compelled the world to build new cities and colonies. But on the other hand investing in real estate is not easy. Legality of housing society and potential for success, availability of basic amenities, security, schools, hospitals are issues which one needs to look into. Let me tell you my experience. My sister, who has settled in England, visited Pakistan two weeks ago. She is an entrepreneur and runs a restaurant in London. She had been hearing stories of thriving real estate business in Pakistan. She wanted to invest her savings in real estate in Pakistan. Infact she was visiting Pakistan after twenty years. We visited at least, ten housing socities in Sialkot, Lahore and Gujranwala .
There was nothing satisfactory to invest hard earned money in mismanaged and ill planned societies. A friend of mine suggested me to visit DHA, Gujranwala. We had visited DHA Lahore, two days, but there rates were beyond our budget. We both knew that DHAs are best managed in Pakistan. Gujranwala defence colony is nearest to Sialkot. We thought to give it a chance and we both travelled to Gujranwala for inquiry.
We were briefed by a sales executive in the authority. He explained us the efforts undertaken to establish DHA Gujranwala.
Planning efforts shape cities and towns. He said that DHA Gujranwala, has employed highly specialized professionals to undertake planning efforts right from beginning. Assistance by
landscape architecture firms, engineering firms, environmental groups, are being utilized in he housing society. Our aim is to attest to the success of the planning idea, foresightedness, rationality, and imagination which is underway to improve the quality of life in our project.
Today’s world is full of knowledge and sources of information for planners. We have not only gathered knowledge to fully exploit the global practices of building colonies, but are constantly engaged in finding solutions to the challenges that residents of this colony will face over the next several decades, which will demand new ideas and responses.
He sold us, what we wanted. It was a big investment opportunity. Society was located at the junction of three major cities, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujrat. Away from smog, it provided neat and clean environment. My sister was confident about security of her investment. The authority is being run under strict procedures and laws. Its nearness to Sialkot was more soothing for my sister. She immediately decided to invest in commercial plots.
My advise to readers of this blog will be to must visit colonies and housing societies before investing. More a business is thriving, more chances of misdeeds there.