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Wish of a Soldier?

A soldier’s wish is nothing but to lay his life for the motherland.
My biggest pride in life is being a soldier. It was not my dream to be a soldier, but once I became a soldier, it was my obsession to remain so, not only in this life, but all the lives afterward, if there were any.
The day, I stepped out of a military truck at PMA Kakul, forty years ago, till date, I have always considered myself very lucky and honoured to serve my country. A soldier always take pride in his uniform, irrespective of the rank. Receiving salute and returning salute is equally honorable and that’s the reflection of a mutual respect and comradeship. Like all soldiers, I have never let that pride go away from me. A trained professional soldier feel pride in soldiery. Valor is only competition among soldiers. Sacrifice for motherland is guaranteed. Duty is foremost and above everything, no matter what the cost. Only difference between any body else and soldier is that Army man is serving in an institution which works on war footing when the rest of us are not. Military leadership is aware of enemy intentions and their preparation but can not reveal it all the times due to peculiar reasons. Pakistan Army’s thousands of devoted troops are spread around the country and carrying out their mission with utmost zeal. Enemy dare not to cast an evil eye on our sacred land.
Everyday spent at PMA was a new challenge and it added a bit by bit, not only to our physical strength but confidence to endure the rigors of training. After few weeks it was easier, after few months it became a routine and after two years, a second nature. Four decades gone, I remember, each and every lesson taught in outdoor exercises, class rooms, physical and weapon training areas or model rooms, drill square, dinning rooms and ingal hall. Life was totally wrapped in an organized routine. It always bring a smile on my face, when, I recall those days of getting ragging at the hands of senior cadets. Discipline, sobriety, dignity and confidence was the earning of everyday, we spent in blossoms of our coursemate ship . I learnt it there that nothing was difficult, if we remain united. I learnt it there that character is everything for a soldier, discipline is the only way to victory, punctuality is must. That was the spirit which led me to subsequent years in military life.
If I cherish anything today, that is the time I spent in PMA with my platoon mates, course mates, my unit officers and other colleague in my military service. A Soldier only prosper in a group. Biggest lesson in military life is ” united we win”.
Whether trained in year 1960, 1980, 2000, 2020, military training is found on same principles of physical, moral, ethical and intellectual level.
In military profession initiative is appreciated and that’s the quality which saves you and your men in difficult times. During long drawn war against terrorism, initiative helped us in averting thousands of incidents which could have been devastating. In war, situation abruptly change which require a befitting response at desired level otherwise it would result into unimaginative consequences.
A soldier’s view is focused to see danger and respond appropriately. Wider visions can not see the danger, a soldier can smell, what is coming. Trust your soldiers, your Army. They are saviors but nothing else. Their motive is nothing but to defend the motherland, to serve their countrymen. Soldiers are simple souls, who lay their lives to protect thousands of lives of their country men.
Brig Atique Ur Rehman ( retd)