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Wonwoo and The8 of Seventeen talk about their favorite songs on the new album.

In a new conversation with Arena Homme Pl., The8 and Wonwoo from the K-pop group Seventeen talk about their new album and their favorite lyrics. On April 24, they came back with a new album called FML and two songs with the same name.

The8 was excited about FML and said, “This is the biggest show since SEVENTEEN’s debut. During all of the practices, even the members kept saying “Wow!”

Wonwoo said that “I have only one dream/There are so many dreams alive beside you” from the song “I Wish” was his favorite line from the comeback.

The8’s favorite lines are “I don’t understand but I luv you,” which is also the name of one of their B-sides.

They also talked about how they want to be known as a band in the future. Wonwoo said he wants them to be “like a photo album.” I want to be one of the SEVEN things that everyone remembers.”