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A New World ; Leadership Dilemma

Leadership Dilemma

At the moment more than 6 billion people around the world are shouting simultaneously to shape each other’s opinion.  Can one imagine the noise?  World has turned upside down. States, leaders, societies are unable to coop up with this different and critical situation. States have lost  control over masses, people do not trust their leaders, media has gone irrelevant, corporations are struggling for their share in markets. Planet earth is vulnerable to climate hazards. Societies are polarized, insecure than ever, food and water scarce, jobless, shelter less. Relevant have become irrelevant and virtual world is new ruler.
Nik Gowning and Chris Langdon published a book in 2018 focusing on challenges to leadership due to uncertainties arising due to digital revolution and geo-politics. One of the biggest  challenge to humanity is capacity of the leadership to understand and handle these new vulnerabilities and uncertainties.
One of the biggest victims of this new found change is ‘truth’. Virtual world is overshowed by deceit and lies.  Information is constantly changing its form and one can’t see clearly through this fog. Stories are automatically developing through CCTV cameras’ footage, mobile videos, citizen journalism, social media activists and everybody. Details are evolving every now and then turning into a huge pile of truth and lies, making it almost impossible to find reality.
With a revolutionary development in cyber world,  entire spectrum of public opinion has been reformed. Mistrust of masses on governments is biggest threat to governance. Complacency of state institutions has  given way to dummy voices which are trying to dominate human opinion through chaos and fear.
Media takes the role of an actor when it opine through editorials and including voices of their own choice, on an event or issue. This is an expanded role of media which makes its participant in political power play. The introduction of private television enhanced role of media as an actor. Thus shaping a threat to security became a shared role between state, corporations and media. Governments, corporations, institutions struggled to grab their share in main stream media. A contest started for share in media and that brought the corporate world into media ownership.  The role of media from mere mediator of speech act increased to an actor in political sphere, in identification and mitigation of threat according to their own understanding or desire.
State and corporations faced another shock when digital world brought an all-together a different situation. It started from websites, messengers, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram and has expanded into an ocean of mediums to talk, show, influence, fight, argue and counter argue.