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Are smart devices in your home spying on you?

Smart speakers & other gadgets are becoming prevalent in homes.
Smart speakers and other gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent in homes.
Recent research conducted by Techshielder has shown that over 70% of smart home devices record voices and 50% know what we look like by accessing our photos and videos. The research was conducted on families in the UK, reported Metro News.
This means that while the devices make life easier, they may also be dangerous as they constantly monitor everything and gather data.
Techshielder analysed the public terms and conditions of the most-used smart home machines and concluded that there are “valid privacy concerns”.
According to the study, the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock speaker collects the most amount of data. Apparently, the gadget knows the home more than any other device. Among other things, it also records downloads and browsing history.
However, for the devices to be versatile and perform a number of actions like calling, heating the home, operating the TV, and even controlling the lights, it is important for them to garner personal information.
What is important here is extra security to make sure the data does not fall into the wrong hands.
On the other hand, Patrick Hearn from Digital Trends said it would not really affect privacy because people do not really have privacy anyway.
Calling privacy a “thing of the past”, he said it was fine if Alexa had seen people without clothes.