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Armeena Khan speaks out against “false optimism” and the abuse of social media.

Armeena Khan is weary of both individuals who post only positive things on social media and those who sow negativity.

The actor began his Instagram post on Thursday by talking about social media and the proportion of poisonous positive to negative content. Be cautious around those who only post about colour, rainbows, stars, and unicorns, but also be mindful of those who only share negativity.

According to her, being human entails struggle, which implies that you will have both good and bad days, and that’s alright. You’re free to think, feel, and come up with solutions. Don’t let toxic optimism drag you down either – Yes, it exists. She added hashtags to her post on finding balance and how it’s acceptable to occasionally not feel okay.

The actress previously yelled in protest at sexist remarks made regarding how women ought to dress. She also responded to vile DMs sent to her on Instagram. “Why are you on Instagram as a Muslim? I don’t comprehend. For instance, why are you in a pub if you don’t drink?

If that so offends you, leave this non-Muslim-owned business and go be a “real” Muslim, she had responded.Khan also addressed a remark that blamed Pakistani actors for standing up for Indian stars. She asserted that she had the same freedom to express her thoughts as users do to choose not to listen to them.