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Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock Spotted Leaving High-Priced CT Plastic Surgery Clinic

29 March, 2024

Aniston and Bullock
Aniston and Bullock

Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and Amanda Anka were recently seen leaving a prestigious plastic surgery clinic in Greenwich, Connecticut, sparking speculation about potential cosmetic procedures.

The trio exited The Retreat At Split Rock, renowned for its specialized facelift procedures and other enhancements, known to carry hefty price tags ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 each.

Their visit to Dr. Neil A. Gordon’s office, a specialist in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, hints at a strong interest in cosmetic enhancements. Despite being based in Los Angeles, the actresses chose to travel to seek Dr. Gordon’s expertise, influenced by his reputation as a top-notch surgeon in the field.

While Beverly Hills boasts a plethora of renowned plastic surgeons, including Dr. Garth Fisher and Dr. Paul Nassif, the trio opted for Dr. Gordon’s services, showcasing their confidence in his capabilities.

Dressed in casual attire, the actresses attempted to maintain a low profile during their visit, suggesting a discreet approach to what some may term ‘surgery tourism.’ Jennifer Aniston, 55, notably shielded her face with a floppy black hat as they departed the clinic, drawing attention from onlookers and fans alike.