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Olympic Flame to Illuminate Near Louvre Museum Throughout Paris Games

29 March 2024

Tuileries Garden in Paris
Tuileries Garden in Paris

During the upcoming Paris Games in July and August, the iconic Olympic flame is scheduled to burn in the picturesque setting of the Tuileries Garden, positioned in front of the renowned Louvre museum. A source involved in the discussions disclosed this arrangement to AFP, noting that the decision was made several weeks prior.

The selection of the Tuileries Garden as the flame’s location was driven by its accessibility to the public, the source mentioned. While there were considerations for placing the flame on the Eiffel Tower or within the Louvre courtyard, the Tuileries emerged as the prime choice due to its ease of access and capacity for security measures.

Security arrangements will be paramount, with continuous monitoring by security forces to safeguard both the flame and the public. Elevated footpaths surrounding the garden will allow visitors to view the flame effortlessly.

The lighting of the cauldron, a pivotal moment during the Olympics’ opening ceremony, marks the official commencement of the global sporting event. However, details remain undisclosed regarding whether the cauldron will be ignited within the Tuileries or transferred there following the unique opening ceremony scheduled for July 26 along the River Seine.

The individual bestowed with the honor of lighting the cauldron remains a mystery, as does the precise nature of the opening ceremony. Organizers have vowed to make this historic event “iconic,” with the first Olympics in Paris in a century set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Responding to inquiries about the cauldron’s location, the Paris organizing committee declined to confirm or deny reports, emphasizing the desire to position the cauldron at the heart of Paris for its symbolic significance and visibility to all.

The Paris Games are slated to unfold across various locations in the capital, including temporary stadiums near the Eiffel Tower and the Place de la Concorde, adjacent to the Tuileries Garden.