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Being a supporting actor, according to Rajpal Yadav, is “like the IPL of entertainment.”

Rajpal Yadav has said that he never emphasised lead roles in films and instead accepted any role that was offered to him, even supporting ones.

The actor has worked in Bollywood for almost 25 years and is best known for his supporting performances in blockbuster films like Bhool Bhulaiya, in which Yadav portrayed Chota Pandit.

Every actor aspires to play the lead role, but Yadav confessed, “I have a poor tendency of always leaving doors open for roles. I picture a role with three to four scenes as a 20-20 cricket match where I have three overs to play.I think this is the IPL of entertainment,” he continued, “and if I have 3–4 overs here where I do well, it’s all good.”

If a character presents an opportunity to provide me with the hook, I seize it.Yadav also discussed his role in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, adding that despite appearing in less scenes, his character was well-liked.On the job front, Yadav is collaborating with Imtiaz Ali on the August 26 release Thai Massage.