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Bhuvan Bam wants to utilize his storytelling skills to excel in production

Bhuvan Bam has recently made movies like Taaza Khabar and Dhindora, in which he also acted. He wants to use his ability to tell stories to make the most of his production skills.

He talked in detail about his plans and said, “I’ll find time to write enough episodes to keep my channel going because my viewers deserve them. Because they made me, I can’t let go of that. This happened to me naturally, and while I was doing it, I got bigger goals.”

He also made a link between his past and his future by saying, “Every time I was in front of the camera for (YouTube show) BB Ki Vines, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I remember playing characters like Titu Mama, and people often couldn’t tell the difference between me and the character. This made me realise that I could pull this off and that maybe I was doing something right. I decided to take this seriously and get better at what I already knew how to do. On my way, I learned a lot of new things. It happened over time. I never thought I’d get a real job as an actor, but it happened, and I’m glad I took the chance.