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Camilla hardly moves in public without ‘eye-checking’ King Charles III.

An expert said that Queen Consort Camila looks different from the Duchess of York, who is “attention-seeking.”

“Camilla likes Sarah. They are both well-to-do. Both of them like horses, and Fergie is smart enough to know that Camilla is the real power behind the King. That she needs to be nice to them and help them,” someone close to her told Daily Mail.

Judi James, an expert on body language, recently told, “On the surface, their body language signals would make them seem like they don’t get along.”

“Fergie has always been a fan of spontaneous, attention-seeking behaviour, such as her wide-eyed, gurning facial expressions, her rather country-style walk, and her wide-mouthed, wrinkled-nose infectious laugh. All of these things make her seem like an open book, though she is prone to the kind of embarrassing public moments that royals like Diana and Kate have always been able to avoid.

“Camilla is a work of art made out of being careful. She hardly ever moves in public without looking at her husband or someone else nearby.

“Fergie tends to take risks with her moves and poses, while Camilla is more of a copyist who likes to get things right,” she said.