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Celebs react to the return of the blue tick on Twitter

A lot of famous people on Twitter were surprised when their blue tick came back after it had been taken away because they hadn’t paid a registration fee.

David Mitchell, who was in the TV show “Peep Show,” said on Twitter, “They said the blue ticks were going to go away, but mine hasn’t. It’s playing with your head. I didn’t pay for it, so I’m still the product, not the customer.”

Ian McKellen, who has been acting for a long time, also went on Twitter to make it clear that he had not paid for the blue tick.

“Despite what it seems like when you click on the strangely reappearing blue badge next to my name, I’m not paying for the “honour.”

Rylan Clark was confused when the tick showed up again, so he said, “Wait a minute. What happened to my blue tick? I’m sick, and this is making me feel even worse.”

Neil Gaiman, who wrote the script for The Sandman, also told his fans on Twitter that he did not pay for the batch.

“No, I didn’t pay,” Gaiman wrote in a tweet.

“When I woke up, I was blue-ticked again. I’ve never paid for Twitter or given my phone number to anyone.”