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ChatGPT will soon be able to reply to messages from WhatsApp

Many people don’t like texting, and when they have to answer a text, they get lazy. This is why ChatGPT is useful.

India Today said that OpenAI’s AI programme can now reply to your WhatsApp messages on your behalf, and it won’t even sound like a robot.

ChatGPT can use prompts to write articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry. Late in November, a private company called OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft Corp, gave it away for free to the public.

The Meta-owned app doesn’t have a tab for ChatGPT built in, but users can use GitHub to connect the chatbot to the messaging app.

Once you integrate the chatbot, it will be able to reply to messages on your behalf, and people won’t be able to tell the difference between a message written by a person and one written by a machine.

Developer Daniel Gross made a Python script that lets people use the AI-powered chatbot to reply to WhatsApp messages.

“For the Python script to work, you have to download a language library from a website that has all the files you need. After you’ve downloaded the language library, open the “WhatsApp-gpt-main” file and run the “” document. This will start the setup process for ChatGPT on WhatsApp, “the report said.

“When the server is running, you need to type “Is” and hit enter, then click “python” This will set up your phone number on the OpenAI chat page without you having to do anything. Then you’ll have to click the “Confirm I’m a Human” box to prove you’re not a robot “it added.

After users do all of these things, they will be able to find the ChatGPT on their WhatsApp accounts.

Even though this is a very interesting feature, neither OpenAI nor Meta have made it official on their platforms yet.