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Dolly Parton says an actress would need her spirit to play her on screen

In a recent interview, Dolly Parton discussed the qualities an actress would need to posses in order to portray her onscreen. According to Fox News, Dolly said that an actress playing her would need to embody her soul and replicate her appearance.

Dolly remarked, “Well, I just can’t say. When that time comes, I expect we’ll hold a number of auditions with various candidates. And at this point, all we can do is wait and watch what happens. Of course, she’d need to have the same kind of determination as me. She would need to dress the role. In order to make her point, she would have to exaggerate a bit. That seems simple enough that even a boy could accomplish it.”

She elaborated on how the concept for her biography came about, saying, “I’ve been…planning to perform my musical on Broadway, and everything were looking great until the Covid struck… As a result, my views on many topics shifted. One day I hope to make it to Broadway, but for now I’m considering writing a biopic instead. A musical could be included if there’s enough interest…. Therefor, we are now discussing this matter.”