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Emma Roberts to lead Hulu series ‘Second Wife’ with ‘Lucifer’ actor and his wife Meaghan Oppenheimer

After reuniting with the show’s creator, Meaghan Oppenheimer, Emma Roberts will star in and serve as an executive producer for the new Hulu series Second Wife.

Starring alongside Tom Ellis (who played Lucifer) is Emma Roberts, who has previously collaborated with Oppenheimer on another series.

The news breaks at the same time that Oppenheimer’s first project, Tell Me Lies, which she co-created, executive produced, and ran with the Scream Queens star, has been renewed for a second season, as reported by Daily Mail.

The 36-year-old Oppenheimer’s first time working with her husband Tom Ellis, who plays the opposite of Roberts in the film.

This June will mark four years since Oppenheimer and Ellis first became a couple.

The 2018 novel by Carola Lovering with the same name, Second Wife, is being adapted into a film with the same name. The film is expected to be a dark comedy that focuses on the turmoil of a blended family while also delving into themes of intimacy, failure, and second chances.

Roberts will portray Sasha, a New Yorker who leaves to start over in London, where she falls in love with Jacob, a recently divorced father (Ellis).

On January 27, 2023, Hulu subscribers will be able to watch the romantic comedy online.