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Firing on school van kills one kid, injures six in Swat

On Tuesday, at least one student was killed and six more were hurt in the town of Sangota in the district of Swat.

Police sources said that the tragedy happened because a police officer who was working at the private school accidentally fired his gun.

The person who is being accused has been taken into prison, and a probe is under way. After the shooting, people at the school were scared and ran into each other.

The hurt people have been taken to a nearby hospital where they are getting medical care.

Earlier, unidentified gunmen attacked a school van in the village of Guli Bagh in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) district of Pakistan. The driver of the van was killed, and two children were hurt.

Officials said the attackers were waiting on a motorbike and attacked the van as it went by. After the attack, they ran away without being stopped.

Officials from the district said that the attack was meant at the driver.