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I lost my second baby during Covid in 2020. I was just 5 months pregnant; Rani Mukerji

Actor Rani Mukerji, who has just given a bollywood hit film Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, disclosed first time about a miscarriage that she suffered five months into the pregnancy. She made these revelations at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.
She shared that the miscarriage happened during the pandemic, and she did not speak about it during the promotions of her latest film because she felt that it would “come across as me trying to speak about a personal experience that would propel the film.” As quoted by Business Today, she shared at the event, “Maybe this is the first time I am making this revelation because in today’s world every aspect of your life is discussed publicly, and becomes an agenda for talking about your film to get more eyeballs. Obviously, I didn’t speak about this when I was promoting the film because it would have come across as me trying to speak about a personal experience that would propel the film.”Rani, who is married to producer Aditya Chopra, then spoke about her experience, and said, “So, it was around the year when COVID-19 struck. It was 2020. I got pregnant with my second baby at the end of 2020 and I unfortunately lost my baby five months into my pregnancy.”Rani said that it was just 10 days after her miscarriage that she got a call from producer Nikkhil Advani to star in Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, in the role of a mother who is fighting to regain the custody of her children who have been taken away from her by the authorities. She shared, “After I lost my baby, Nikkhil (Advani) would have called me probably like 10 days later. He told me about the story and I kind of immediately… not that I had to have the loss of a child to feel the emotion but sometimes there is a film in the right time of what you are going through personally to be able for you to connect with it instantly.”