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In the open market and interbank, the dollar rate falls to Rs 301

The US dollar (USD) is currently trading at 301.05 and is down 1.90 rupees in the interbank market this morning.
Forex traders said that the value of the US dollar decreased by 1.90 rupees in interbank trading to reach 301.05 Pakistani rupees.
Currency dealers reported that “the banks are selling dollars to importers at 301.55 Pakistani rupees.”
According to foreign exchange brokers, the dollar is currently selling at 301 rupees and has depreciated by one Pakistani rupee. Dealers said that “the US dollar rate has now been equal in interbank as well as in the open market.”
In recent days, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) has made a striking comeback against the US dollar (USD).
Malik Bostan, the president of the Pakistani Foreign Exchange Association, previously predicted that the US dollar will shift into reverse and fall to Rs 300.
It is important to note that the caretaker government launched a crackdown on money smuggling after facilitators connected to government officials were found.
The interim administration has made the decision to begin a thorough crackdown on organised crime, stockpiling, and dollar smuggling.
Government officials have already been identified as facilitators and patrons, and a list has been created specifically for this purpose, according to insiders.
Zafar Paracha, secretary of the exchange firms body, earlier stated that law enforcement officials were watching the selling and purchase of dollars in these businesses.
In every state in the US, plainclothes law enforcement officers have been stationed on the grounds of exchange corporations.
The president of the Pakistani Foreign Exchange Association, Malik Bostan, said, “We had asked the administration to send out plain-clothes officials outside the exchange companies. He stated, “Our guys had complained that the black mafia agents were giving them headaches.
Outside of the businesses, these agents “grab the people coming to the exchange companies for dollars,” according to Bostan.