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India’s Fake Narrative and Kill Ops Exposed

Dr Atique Ur Rehman
South Asia is most significant region in the global affairs due to its geo-strategic importance and connectivity potential. In changing geo-political scenario, India was quick to present itself as a good cop and portraying Pakistan as bad cop to the world. It had helped India to meet its foreign policy objectives and put Pakistan down in global environment. US and other western global powers could not ignore the good cop and joined hands for all the assistance India needed to maintain its hegemony in the region. India became darling of the world, as biggest buyer of arms and ammunition, service provider of IT and opponent of China.

India misused the leverage provided to it by Western powers and engaged itself in kill operations on foreign land and propaganda campaigns to discredit other states. Two kill operations by India on foreign soil have been exposed since September last, one in Canada and other in US. Both countries has strategic and friendly ties with India. Indian expose in Canada and USA for assassination of two Sikh leaders has put a question mark on the credibility of a India as a responsible state. It is totally a breach of trust and new misnomer in global affairs. India managed to kill Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Najjar in Surrey, Canada in September,2023 but caught its pants down in US when plot to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannun was un-earthed by US authorities. Canadian Prime Minister openly charge sheeted India and closed its diplomatic relations with the Bharat. US has also officially charge sheeted India for plotting an assassination attempt to kill a US citizen on American soil.

India has been running two parallel propaganda campaigns, first to malign other states particularly Pakistan, through disinformation and second campaign to discredit US officials and academia those who are critical of Modi’s government. Indian fake news and propaganda moves against other states was exposed by EU DisinfoLab in 2019 and second has been unearthed by Washington Post in its 10 December, 2023 edition.
Washington Post in a startling revelation in its 10 December, 2023 story “Covert Indian Operation seeks to discredit Modi’s critics in the U.S unearthed an impervious organization calling itself
‘ Disinfo Lab’ which has been painting US government figures, researchers, humanitarian groups and Indian American rights activists as part of a conspiracy, purportedly led by global Islamic groups and billionaire George Soros, to undermine India.

India under Modi government has been exposed to the world community as the most irresponsible state which has threatened the global peace. Kill missions, covert propaganda campaign, false flag operations, have been a continuous practice of India since last one decade, to achieve its foreign policy objectives and win elections at home. It is extremely dangerous approach by world’s most populated country.

There has been a determined effort to affect U.S. policy toward Pakistan since the election of Narendra Modi’s government, which has the well-documented goal of isolating Pakistan. Indian lobbyists have misrepresented Pakistan, portraying it as insolvent, home to terrorists, and a regional nuisance. India was particularly active throughout the Obama and Trump administrations to influence U.S. foreign policy against Pakistan.

Since its rise to government in 2014, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been enforcing its Hindutva ideology to convert India into Hindu Rashtra, Modi‘s strategy towards attainment of this objective has been through no-dialogue and direct interference policy, thus risking the regional security. BJP government has been promoting the right wing extremist organizations like RSS, BJP, VHP, Bajang Dal and Shev Sena. These extremist groups are armed and they use horrific means to suppress the Muslim minority at home. Modi government took two months to respond to Manipur incidents of ethnic violence in which 100 lives were lost in May 2023. BJP government only came up with lame excuses when a video went viral in which two kuki women were paraded naked by a violent mob.

BJP’s extremist policies got prominence when they attacked and demolished Babri Masjid and later Gujrat massacre to earn Hindu majority vote. It turned the political tide in favour of Hindu nationalists and through consistent efforts, they rose to the center of Indian politics. With the arrival of BJP to the centr of Indian politics, Modi led BJP found greater opportunity to drive anti-Muslims and anti-Pakistan policies domestically, regionally and also at global front.

In 1971, India created a terrorist group “ Mukti Bahni” in East Pakistan which helped to terrorize locals, put blame on Pakistani forces and also help Indian Army to achieve an edge over Pakistani forces.

India mobilized its forces in December, 2001 after a false flag on Indian Parliament in Mumbai. Pakistan was forced to move its troops on border thus two nuclear arch rivals became face to face on eastern border.

US had attacked Afghanistan in September, 2001 and asked Pakistan to be a frontline coalition partner in War against Terrorism. Pakistan moved its forces in FATA along western border. Thus Pakistan was sand witched between eastern and western borders at a stretch of about 4000 square Kilometer.

Indian RAW along with Afghan NDS established nexus in Afghanistan against Pakistan. There were at least 17 Indian consulates in Afghanistan which were used for training of Baloch insurgents and planning of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Afghan media, particularly Tolo news, Khamaa press, Pajhowk news were used against Pakistan.

Pakistan forces were fully engaged on line of control, working boundary and FATA to fight a two front war when India arranged another false flag in Mumbai 2008 and tension escalated between two countries. It was almost same time when Pakistani security forces started kinetic operation in FATA and Malakand ( KPK).

India has been trying to isolate Pakistan not only on diplomatic front but also in Sports. In 2009, Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore to close doors international cricket in Pakistan. The cricket board in Pakistan has ever since been struggling to get international cricket in Pakistan. But ICC, which is considered front of BCCI has been creating obstacles for international cricket in Pakistan.

In 2016 Surgical Strike was yet another false flag to deceive Indian Hindu extremis.
Pulwama was a false flag. Ex governor of occupied Kashmir, SatyaPal Malik and many other influential voices like Jayoti Malhotra declared Pulwama a a false flag aimed to malign Pakistan.

This entire effort of India is focused to discredit Pakistan. India’s most potent foreign policy tool has not been its military might but its fake narrative against Pakistan. India did everything possible to project a negative image of Pakistan in the world community. This obsession is rooted in the philosophy of Chanakya Kautilya and is often referred to during election campaigns and political rallies.