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Is it too hot to play? According to a physiologist, climate change is causing physical inactivity among children.

According to studies, today’s children are not as fit as their parents were at the same age, and one expert believes this is related to climate change.

According to experts, increased physical activity promotes good body temperature regulation and tolerance to greater temperatures. Obesity and physical inactivity cause youngsters to struggle with maintaining a normal body temperature, which leads to even more physical inactivity.

According to environmental physiologist Dr Shawnda Morrison’s research, unfit youngsters are more likely to suffer from heat-related disorders such as heat stroke and dehydration.

Dr. Morrison’s study was published in the journal Temperature, and she found that fewer youngsters were getting the recommended 60 minutes of activity per day.

She claimed that children’s health was not being prioritised in climate change debates.

The physiologist cited several studies that revealed overweight children to be more likely to struggle with body temperature regulation when exercising outside.

COVID-19 also kept children from engaging in physical activities.Dr. Morrison expressed concern that rising temperatures might exacerbate the situation, with parents telling their children that it was “too hot to play.”

According to some projections, increasing heat will lead to more virus outbreaks, endangering children’s health.”Children are the least fit they have ever been as the planet warms.”The author suggested that youngsters be encouraged to exercise on a daily basis in order to stay fit.