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J.K. Rowling responds to criticism of her anti-trans comments in “Harry Potter.”

In the official trailer for her upcoming podcast The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Porter talks about the backlash she got for what some people say were anti-trans comments she made.

Rowling, who is 57, is speaking out for the first time in almost two years after making comments about transgender women that many people thought were insulting.

In the trailer for her upcoming podcast, she talks about the controversy and says that fans have “profoundly” misunderstood her point of view.

“In the past few years, especially on social media, fans who say things like “You’ve ruined your legacy” have been interesting to me. Oh, you could have been loved forever, but you chose to say this.’ “You couldn’t have misunderstood me more deeply,” I think “she said in the sneak peek.

Also, Rowling said, “I never meant to make anyone upset. But it didn’t bother me to get down from my pedestal.”

The first episode of The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling will air on February 21. It was made by The Free Press, an independent media company started by Bari Weiss, a former New York Times opinion writer.