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Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabia Khan, keeps fighting for justice and doesn’t know what will happen with her case.

Since the death of her daughter, actress Jiah Khan, Rabia Khan has been working for justice for almost ten years. In a recent interview, Khan said she didn’t know how her fight for the truth would end, but she was still eager to keep going.

In 2013, Jiah Khan, who was known for films like “Nishabd” and “Ghajini,” was found dead in her Mumbai flat. At first, it seemed like it was a suicide, but Khan’s mother has said that her daughter was killed and that the investigation wasn’t done right.

Khan said in the interview that she wasn’t just working for justice for her daughter, but for all the people who have been hurt by a broken justice system. She talked about how upset she was with the legal system and how the film business wasn’t helping her.

Khan also talked about the upcoming documentary “Death in Bollywood,” which looks at how Jiah Khan died and the probe that followed. Khan herself filed a case against the documentary, so it has been in court. But she said the video was important because it brought attention to the issue of victims getting justice.