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Kahani Suno 3.0? Soon, Kaifi Khalil will release a new song.

Kaifi Khalil, whose song “Kahani Suno 2.0” caused a big stir in the music world, has said that he will soon release a continuation of the song.

During a show by Junaid Akram that came out on Eid ul Fitr, the young singer also talked about the story behind Kahani Suno 2.0.

He said that the new song wouldn’t be Kahani Suno 3.0, but would instead be a way to explain his last song. He also said that he wanted to get it out after Eid.

“Kahani Suno was an old song, so I chose to rewrite it in a way that did it justice. “I wanted people to feel like they were listening to a story when they heard the song,” he told the show.

He said that he wrote the song in three days. He also said that he was afraid it was a love song because love isn’t taken as seriously as it used to be.

When asked if his song is based on a true story, Khalil said he would answer this question in his next song, which he was about to release.

When asked if there would be a girl version of this song, the singer said he didn’t know.