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Kangana Ranaut mortgages all her property for making ‘Emergency’

Kangana Ranaut, in her first public comments about her directorial debut Emergency, dropped some bombshells.

The actress posted several photos from the set of Emergency to her Instagram with the caption, “Behind the scenes.” “Today marks the end of an incredibly glorious era of my life as an actor, as I wrap Emergency. It might look like I breezed through it, but that’s not how it was at all.”

The 35-year-old actress said she mortgaged her whole estate to fund the film. “My character has been brutally tested,” the actor said, “from mortgaging all my possessions, every single item that I possessed, to being diagnosed with dengue during the first schedule and having to film it despite shockingly low blood cell counts.”

She went on to explain that while she is “very open about my feelings on SM,” she held back on sharing all of this because “I didn’t want people who cared to worry unnecessarily and those who desperately want to see me fall and were doing everything to make me suffer, I didn’t want to give them the pleasure of my pain.”

Kangana continued, “At the same time, I want to share with you all that if you believe just working hard for your ambitions or for what you want is enough, think again because that’s not true.”