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Kareena Kapoor praises Dhanush’s acting abilities.

According to The Indian Express, Kareena Kapoor Khan lauded fellow actor Dhanush’s acting abilities in his recent films Atrangi Re and Netflix’s The Gray Man. During an interview with Zoom, Kareena said, “Dhanush! He’s incredible, and what an actor.

He and his performances are on another level every time we see him in any role.” Dhanush has proven himself to be an exceptional performer in recent films, with The Gray Man director declaring him “one of the greatest actors on the planet.”

Bridgerton’s Rege Jean Page, who plays him in the film, added, “The grace, style, and badassery of that man is something to behold, and that’s going to be a thunderbolt in the picture.”If Batman were twice as badass, he’d be halfway to where Dhanush is in this movie.”