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Kate Middleton shares her never-before-seen childhood picture

Kate Middleton surprised her fans when she shared a cute picture of herself as a baby with her father, Michael Middleton.

Kate is smiling and putting her hand out to touch her dad’s face in the cute picture. It came out as part of Kate’s new Shaping Us campaign to show how important it is for kids to grow and learn in their early years.

Some fans say that Prince Louis looks like Princess Kate in a picture of him as a baby with his dad, Michael Middleton.

Kate posted a picture of herself to the social media accounts of the Prince and Princess of Wales and wrote, “Faces are a baby’s best toy.”

She also said, “We started Shaping Us on Tuesday to raise awareness of how important our early years are for the rest of our lives.”

The photo was taken “with Dad by Mom,” the princess of Wales said.

In a follow-up tweet, Prince William’s girlfriend asked royal fans to “spend time with your friends, colleagues, and communities talking about your early childhoods and how they’ve shaped your lives.”

She also said, “I hope you’ll think about sharing a picture of yourselves with me before your fifth birthday to help with those talks and to share smiles and memories.”