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KE will update invoices for customers who use up to 200 units

K-Electric (KE) has announced that it will issue non-time-of-use (Non-ToU) residential customers with revised electricity bills for the month of August if their electricity usage is equal to or less than 200 units after the federal ministry of energy issued a notification about the modification of June’s Fuel Charges Adjustment (FCA), The News reported on Friday.

The updated bills will be available on August 26 and can be picked up at any of the KE’s operating customer centres located throughout the city, according to a press statement published by the KE on Thursday. In KE territory, agricultural customers are also qualified for FCA relief from the government.

According to the announcement made by Pakistan’s government’s ministry of energy (Power Division) on August 25, “XWDISCOs and K-Electric are instructed to put the following into practise right away: Consumers who are Non-ToU Domestic (Protected) and have 200 units of consumption would only pay Rs3.8972/unit in the billing month of August 2022. Private agribusiness consumers and Non-ToU Domestic (Non-Protected) consumers with 200 units of consumption in the billing month of August 2022 are exempt from FCA.

” XWDISCOs are public utilities that provide electricity.The electricity utility has also extended the August bill due date to August 30 for the convenience of the relevant customers. Additionally, K-Electric’s customer service centres will be open this week for longer hours. On Friday and Saturday, these centres will be open until 8 p.m.; on Sunday, they will be open until 5 p.m.