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Latest Weapons avaiable to terrorist groups in Afghanistan is serious concern for security of Pakistan; Pakistan Army

Rawalpindi December
Corps Commanders moot was held today at GHQ, said a press note issued by ispr. Gen Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff presided meeting. Forum reiterated Pakistan Army’s resolve to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan against direct and indirect threats.

Forum expressed serious concern over continued repression and reprehensible human rights violations by Indian military forces in IIOJK. The recent acts of abduction, torture and killing of civilians by the Indian Army were unequivocally condemned by the participants. Such acts constitute grave crimes against humanity and cannot dampen the spirit of the brave Kashmiris who are struggling for their lawful right of self- determination. Pakistan would keep supporting its Kashmiri brethren with all political, moral and diplomatic support for resolution of Kashmir issue according to international law and relevant UNSC resolutions.

Forum was briefed on prevalent geo-strategic environment, challenges to national security and own strategy in response to evolving threat. The sanctuaries and liberty of action available to the terrorists of proscribed TTP and other groups of that ilk in a neighboring country and availability of latest weapons to the terrorists were noted as serious points of concern impacting security of Pakistan.

Forum resolved that all terrorists, their facilitators and abettors, working on the behest of hostile forces to destablise Pakistan will be dealt with full might of the state.

The forum expressed full solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemned serious human rights violations and war crimes being perpetrated in Gaza while reiterating Government’s stance of demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict.

Forum reiterated its support for ongoing efforts to promote socioeconomic growth and encouraging foreign investment under the umbrella of Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

Forum also took holistic review of the ongoing actions being taken against smuggling, money laundering, power theft and hoarding of essential items amongst other illegal economic activities. Pakistan Army will continue to provide all out support to relevant government institutions and LEAs to curb such crimes. The Forum also noted that requisite and necessary support will also be extended to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for forthcoming general elections.

The forum was briefed on operational preparedness of the formations. COAS stressed the need for continuously maintaining operational excellence in cognitive and physical realms and pursuit of high standards of motivation and training.