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Leadership conundrum

One cannot evade oneself from the challenges and peculiarities faced by the country, and as a leader, the responsibilities are magnified

Recent tweets of Prime Minister Imran Khan have increased the public attention upon the current situation of Pakistan. Ever since the time Mr. Khan came into power, the slogan of making Pakistan “Riyasat-e-Madina” unfortunately has only been a slogan. As no practical implementation upon this certain aspect has been seen in the country since the past years of Imran Khan’s dispensation in Pakistan. The rising inflation, dwindling economy, mounting debt, financial imbalances, and above all continuing tussle between opposition and government altogether questions the leadership conundrum in Pakistan.

The current government has entered into its fourth year of ruling the country. The government promised to bring a change to the system of Pakistan which from the very beginning was facing governance challenges. The real essence of democracy lies in the fact that all the voters use their right to vote to elect their leader. The country with the system of western democracy and shifting towards the essence of Riyasat-e-Madina was from the very beginning a daunting task for a leader. Negativity aside, a person like Mr. Khan is difficult to find in our country. His struggle for bringing change to a system of Pakistan which from the past 75 years been under the ills of governance crisis and economic stagnation cannot be ignored. 

It would be pertinent to say that 70 years inflation record has been broken in the last 3 years during the current PTI government regime. The general public is bearing the brunt of rising petrol prices and drastic increase in various prices of food items. The rate of unemployment is also increasing day by day. Moreover, the rising sectarian violence in the country and intolerance towards other minority groups in Pakistan more or less questions the credibility of the leader of the country. In the hike of such circumstances, Mr. Khan’s recent article on the topic of reconstructing Pakistani society as Riyasat e Madina is not appropriate according to the situation of the country. Although the matters regarding religion are one’s own choice as a leader of 220 million population, one has a certain responsibility to act according to the sentiments of the public. One cannot evade oneself from the challenges and peculiarities faced by the country, and as a leader, the responsibilities are magnified. To be elected for the next term, our leader should look before he leaps. A leader cannot deny his responsibilities and proving this fact to the public is simply to restore their trust in him. Defying the blame game and working on an implementation of his plans is the only solution that can sustain his position as a leader in the country.