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Margot Robbie gets candid about the iconic doll ‘Barbie’: ‘She is a pioneer’

Margot Robbie opened about her character in the upcoming movie Barbie as she defended the iconic doll, saying, it’s not dumb.The Wolf of Wall Street star said in an interview with the Mirror that the famous doll is actually a ‘pioneer.’Talking about the highly anticipated comedy drama, Robbie defended Barbie’s reputation ahead of the film release.

“I think people had a preconceived idea about what the movie would be. Then, when it was -announced Greta was ¬directing, all these ideas went out the window,” the actor told the outlet.“Bringing Barbie to life was something I just couldn’t say no to,” the 32-year-old added.“It’s a fun movie – a comedy – but it’s also going to have aspects people don’t expect,” Margot continued.

“I don’t think Barbie can be accused of being a dumb blonde as she has been a surgeon, a vet and a pilot so, if anything, she is a pioneer,” she noted about the doll.The actor will reportedly be paid equal to her co-star Ryan Gosling as both stars will earn £10.4million in the Greta Gerwig directorial as per the publication.Previously, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gosling said that the film is based on Barbie and Ken adjusting to life in the real world.The movie will hit the theaters in July 2023.