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Nawaz Sharif expects the country’s economic situation to improve further following the weakening of the currency.

Following the fall of the dollar against the rupee, PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif told reporters in London that Pakistan’s economic position would improve further in the coming days.”This is a blessing from Allah.” We are sinners, but Insha Allah, the country’s circumstances will improve,” Nawaz stated after learning of the rupee’s depreciation.
After meeting with former Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz, the PML-N supremo spoke to press.
Following a meeting with Nawaz, Hamza told journalists that all coalition government parties had agreed unanimously to pursue the PTI’s unlawful funding case to its “logical end.”

“The public will hold the so-called Sadiq and Ameen [Imran Khan] accountable for referring to others as thieves and robbers,” Hamza stated.”If Nawaz was disqualified for not collecting a salary from his son, Khan is completely immersed in banned funding,” he continued.

Regarding the PTI’s desire for snap elections, Hamza claimed that elections will be held as planned in 2023, and that he is hopeful that his uncle will head his party’s election campaign.

While commenting on the Punjab CM election, the PML-N leader stated that his party will not leave this problem alone and will pursue justice in court.”When a complete court is created in this subject,” he says, “the case will be crystal plain.”

After the Supreme Court ruled on the PTI suit challenging the deputy speaker’s order, Hamza was forced to resign as CM. As a result of the verdict, Pervez Elahi of the PML-Q took over as Punjab Chief Minister.

Hamza came in London on Friday on a private visit and is scheduled to stay for a few days. During his time in London, the former chief minister has visited with party supremo Nawaz Sharif, who has been in the city since 2019, as well as other family members.