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Plan to bring back the freight train between Iran and Turkey

LAHORE: Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) head Ejaz Tanveer praised the opening of the Pak-Iran border market and suggested re-starting a cargo train between Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey to get the most out of formal trade between the three countries.

In a press release on Tuesday, he said, “A successful experiment has already been done recently, and it should be done on a permanent basis. This can lead to more trade between these three countries by giving goods a faster, cheaper, and more reliable way to get from one place to another.”

This could help the economy grow and create more jobs, since Turkiye is the entrance to Europe and a freight train can get to Europe from there in just 15 days. He said that Pakistan should use Turkey’s strategic location to its benefit by putting in place a more reliable and safe way for cargo to move.

He said it could make Pakistan’s trade routes more diverse and less dependent on sea and air travel, which can be affected by geopolitical conflicts and other risks.

He also said that the cargo train project could help Pakistan’s logistics industry by giving logistics providers, freight forwarders, and other businesses that move goods new business possibilities.