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Police raid the home of PM’s adviser Attaullah Tarar to ‘give notice.’

On Saturday, police searched the Lahore home of Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar to “issue a notice,” said to Home Minister Hashim Dogar.

According to the police statement, PML-N politician and former provincial minister Attaullah Tarar was not present at the time of the raid.

Following the raid, Attaullah Tarar sent a social media message to Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar, writing, “Mr Hashim Dogar, I thought you were a minister, but you turned out to be a very non-serious individual.”

“What are you trying to establish by bringing the cops to a house I lived in 15 years ago?”He went on, “If this is your circumstance, how are you handling the ministry?”

The SAPM asked Dogar not to go too far in supporting his party’s anti-national narrative. Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar challenged Attaullah Tarar to “present himself, the law is waiting for you” in reaction to his words.

Hashim Dogar went on to explain that the police had served a notice on the house of Attaullah Tarar in Lahore today.It should be remembered that the Lahore High Court recently ordered the police not to harass PML-N politicians Attaullah Tarar, Malik Ahmed Khan, and Rana Mashhood