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Prince Harry reveals he had first panic attack with Kate Middleton

In his explosive autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry reveals that he had his first panic attack when visiting with his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

While travelling to a polo match in Gloucestershire with William and Kate, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he suffers from “agoraphobia,” or a fear of open and crowded areas.

During his first panic attack, Prince Harry revealed that Prince William was there. In company of Kate.”

“We were taking their Range Rover to a polo event in Gloucestershire. Willy looked back in the rear-view mirror to check on me as I sat in the back. My cheeks was flushed and wet with sweat when he noticed me.

Harry continued by saying, “No, I wasn’t,” when asked by William if he was okay. This journey took several hours, and I felt the want to ask him to pull over every few miles so that I could get out and stretch my legs and catch my breath.

This is just one of several allegations Prince Harry makes about his brother in his book, including that William physically assaulted him in 2019 over Meghan Markle.