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Priyanka Chopra raves about her husband Nick Jonas and says that he is “very purposeful.”

Priyanka Chopra told the whole internet the exact moment she fell in love with her now-husband Nick Jonas.

The star of Citadel talked about how she fell in love with Nick the first time she saw him at work in a music studio.

Priyanka gushed about the musician on an episode of the podcast Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard, saying, “I really admire his work.”

The star of “Quantico” went on, “I have a great work ethic. I do not take my job for granted at all. I’m ready when I walk in. I like to treat people with care. I don’t even take press days for granted. Nick is the same way. He plans everything he does. If he has a job, he’ll give it his all.”

Priyanka said that the Jonas Brothers member is “thoughtful” and a “generous leader.”

“I looked up to him because he could do something I couldn’t,” she said. “The first time I saw him in a studio, I think I fell in love with him.”

“I was with the engineers, and he was in the booth with the gospel choir, which had 25 amazing singers. He was telling them how to change their notes, how to go on this higher note, and he was singing it,” she said. “Nick has an amazing voice, tone, and control. His falsetto is very jazzy and R&B, and he has great tone and control. My knees gave out.”

“That night, we had a nice date,” she said.

Chopra Jonas said, “It was a move.” “What do you know? He was good at what he did. He slowly took control of my mind. He started making me songs.”

In 2018, Priyanka and Nick got married. In January 2022, their daughter Malti Marie was born to them through a surrogate.