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PSX rises by 49 points

ISLAMABAD-The Pakistan Stock Exchange’s (PSX) 100-index increased by 49.67 points on Monday, or 0.11 percent, to close at 45,803.19 points as opposed to 45,753.52 points the previous trading day.
Comparatively, 222,531,077 shares valued at Rs.11.056 billion were traded on the previous trading day, while 103,494,874 shares worth Rs.3.296 billion were moved overall during the day. A total of 308 firms traded shares on the stock market; 133 of them saw gains, 145 suffered losses, and 30 saw their share prices remain steady. The top three trading companies were Agritech Limited with 6,297,000 shares at Rs 8.25 a share, Pak Refinery with 7,869,080 shares at Rs 14.78 per share, and SEARLR2 with 7,346,312 shares at Rs 1.02.