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Punjab to initiate Surra dam in DG Khan

ISLAMABAD   –  Punjab government has decided to initiate Surra dam project near Sanghar Town of Dera Ghazi Khan district to store hill-torrents water in Dera Ghazi Khan, which would be used for irrigation purpose.

The dam would be constructed to store the hill-torrents’ water in Dera Ghazi Khan, official source told APP. The Punjab government has directed authorities concerned early completion of  feasibility study of the Surra dam project. The source further said the construction of the dam would provide water to people up to Taunsa in abundant quantity, besides ensuring development of agriculture sector of the area. “The Surra dam will prove to be a game-changer for the area,” the source said. The Punjab government would start the Surra dam as a pilot project to conserve rainwater that went down the drain during the rainy season. The project would also generate jobs for the local people to earn their livelihood. He said construction of the dam would also promote tourism in the area.