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Reminiscence: Shah Rukh Khan discussing the Bollywood “boycott” culture at the time.

Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, addressed the cancel culture in an old video that has become popular during the boycott of films starring Bollywood’s A-list celebrities.

While there are already calls for boycotting SRK’s Pathaan, there is also a group of individuals who support the actor’s modesty and have been sharing the video. SRK is heard saying, “Actually, sometimes it is good,” in the viral video. If the movie doesn’t work, you have a justification to satisfy your emotions, so you can say that there was a societal boycott and that’s why it didn’t.

Respectfully, I don’t believe that has ever affected me or my film or will ever affect me or my film (Someone will have a problem, someone will comment…but in this country, I do know that I have received so much love so I can say with certainty that many haven’t received that kind of love.)” he continued.

It is important to note that Shah Rukh Khan was a victim of cancel culture when he spoke out against India’s growing intolerance, which hurt the box office performance of his film Dilwale in 2015.