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Report about action against officers involved in fudging present to PM

The Prime Ministers Performance Delivery Unit has presented a report to Prime Minister Imran Khan about the action taken against the officers involved in fudging and misrepresentation on the Citizens Portal.

According to the PMDU report, those found involved in lodging frivolous and fake complaints to manipulate the citizens satisfaction level have been suspended.

Action has been taken against forty five officers in Punjab, ten officers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and three in Sindh.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister directed the provincial chief secretaries and Inspector Generals of Police that no negligence will be tolerated in redressal of public complaints.

He said immediate action will be taken without any leniency against the officers involved in misrepresentation regarding the resolution of public complaints.

Imran Khan said he personally monitors the public complaints on the Citizens Portal.