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Risk of getting fake versions of WhatsApp

You might sometimes install a “clone version” of WhatsApp that isn’t real, either on purpose or by accident. This could have very bad effects on those people.

These fake versions of WhatsApp can steal your information, spy on you, and finally get your account shut down for good.

WhatsApp had told people over and over again not to use unofficial versions of their chat app and to download it from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or their official website.

These fake messing apps don’t have any of the features that real messing apps have.

The instant messaging app said that “unofficial WhatsApp apps are changed versions of our app, which means they were made by third parties and break our Terms of Service.”

“We don’t support these apps because they could compromise your privacy, safety, and security. If you use them, there’s no promise that your messages, data, like your location, or files you share will be private and safe.

People could read your messages and the information you’ve been giving, which is a risk.

The popular chat platform said, “These apps put your privacy, security, and safety at risk.”

“If you use them, you can’t be sure that your messages or data, like where you are or the things you share, will be private and safe. Your account could also be banned for a short time or for good,” it said.

Google usually sends a warning when these fake versions of WhatsApp are installed.

“If you got this Play Protect Warning from Google, it’s likely that you’re using an unauthorised version of WhatsApp,” the social media site said.

“Because Google is worried about security, it may disable and uninstall these apps,” meta-owned social communication said.

Another big problem is that if you’ve been using fake WhatsApp for a long time, you might lose your chat records when you switch to the real one.

So, you should run a safety check to see if you have the original WhatsApp.