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Saeeda Imtiaz breaks silence after death rumours

Actor and model Saeeda Imtiaz Tuesday broke quiet after her death was reported on mainstream and social media, citing her Instagram account, which had apparently been hacked.

“Assalamualaikum, I am Saeeda Imtiaz. I want to tell all of you that I am doing fine,” the model-cum-actor said in a video message, as reports were rife of her death.

Earlier today, news of her death spread on social media following a statement made on her official Instagram account.

As per the report, Saeeda Imtiaz was found dead in her room. However, no further information about the model’s death were given.

“I have to say this with regret that when I woke up today I got several calls and messages. I could not understand what had happened. This was very shocking.”

The actor said it was very troubling for her family — mom and brothers — as they live abroad.

“My Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked,” she said.

“I can understand that people bully or tease others sometimes, but hurting a person to the extent of their family and mental health is not acceptable,” she added.

The star said she was “crying” throughout the day, but vowed that she would make sure that she gets to know who hacked her account and will take legal action against them.

She hoped that the person who hacked her account would learn, during the month of Ramadan, that it wasn’t right to hurt someone.

Before the star, her legal adviser and manager Mian Shahbaz Ahmed told that Imtiaz was “alive and well” at her home in Lahore.

Ahmed said that legal action would be done against those who had hacked Imtiaz’s social media accounts and fuelled the rumours. “We will find out the issue behind this matter,” he said.