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Salman Khan bought a “bulletproof SUV car” because he was getting death threats.

After getting death threats through email, Bollywood star Salman Khan bought himself a new SUV that can stop bullets.

Even though he got threatening texts right away, the Mumbai Police stepped up security around his home right away. But he also felt like he needed to buy a high-end car that was bulletproof.

Khan bought himself a Nissan Patrol SUV that was brought in from outside of India and isn’t even sold there. So far, there has been no public launch event in the country for this SUV.

The SUV he bought is one of the most expensive and well-known types in South Asian markets. Most of the time, people use this car to feel safe.

Recently, the Dabangg actor talked about the threat texts he had been getting. He stated: “Poore India ke bhaijaan nahi hai, kisi ki jaan bhi hai. Bohot saaro ki jaan bhi hai. Bhaijaan unke liye hai jo ki bhai hai aur unke liye hai jise hum behen banana chahte hai.”

Indiatoday says that Salman Khan is getting ready for the release of his new movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which is set to come out on Eid.