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Security Agencies Have Not Found Credible Evidence To Confirm Khan’s Claims: Official

ISLAMABAD   –   Pakistan’s security agencies have not found credible evidence to confirm Imran Khan’s complaint of an alleged foreign conspiracy, an official with knowledge of the matter, who declined to be identified, told Reuters on Tuesday.

Khan and the deputy speaker had said Pakistan’s National Security Committee, a top panel that groups civilian officials as well as the military and intelligence chiefs, had confirmed a plot to overthrow him.

However, the official, who is privy to such proceedings, said the security agencies had not come to the same conclusion as Khan and had communicated their view to him.

Political chaos would also worry the powerful military, which has stepped in to remove civilian governments and rule on three occasions, citing the need to end political uncertainty.

The turmoil also threatens to damage ties with long-time ally the United States, after Khan accused it of being behind the plot to overthrow him.

The United States dismissed the accusation. Political analysts say the military viewed Khan and his conservative agenda favourably when he won a general election in 2018 but the generals’ support has since waned. Khan denied ever having the backing of the military and the military says it has no involvement in the political process.