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‘SEXY NUKIM’ final teaser from BTS RM and Balming Tiger is currently available.

The SEXY NUKIM music video, a collaboration between Blaming Tiger and RM of BTS, has unveiled its final teaser.

Balming Tiger revealed a brief snippet of the new tune, which includes RM from BTS, on their Youtube channel.

The teaser then continues to depict several scenarios in quick succession in a poorly lit chamber, along with some patients who are partially submerged in water.

The teaser concludes with BTS RM showing up clothed in a black suit.Three less than ten-second teasers for SEXY NUKIM were previously released by the group.

On September 1, 2022, SEXY NUKIM, a collaboration between RM of BTS and Balming Tiger, will be released and made available on Balming Tiger’s official YouTube channel.